furniture / packaging/ design

Design Work

To see more pictures and the design process of the product, click the picture individually.


All Furniture Projects

Majoring in Furniture Design, designing home goods is one of my greatest passions.



All Products

Other than furniture, I also enjoy delving into the realm of product design.


All Packaging Projects

Good packaging is key for well-designed products to sell.
My minor in package design enabled me to put my graphic design and illustration skills to use.

All Architectural Projects

At art school, Furniture Design belonged in the School of Building Arts, along with Architecture and Interior Design.
As a result, I took many classes with architecture majors and learnt the principles of architecture.
Through analyzing spaces and drawing up floor plans etc., I learnt to understand spaces and building elements.
These concepts aided me when I learnt how to design furniture later on in my program.

All Digital Projects

A perk to studying in art school is that you cultivate skills that you didnt know you needed.
Testing our skills in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects, we stumbled into the worlds of other design fields.
Here are some digital artworks that I created in my earlier years at art school.


All Fine Arts Projects 

I was introduced to the world of fine art when I was at the tender age of four.
I picked up painting then and never looked back.
When I grew up, I chose to pursue a career in design work because of my innocent passion in creating art.
Here are some art pieces that I did these past 2 years that I did in my spare time.